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    Slut Kookie Enthusiast
    Jul 22, 2020
    How do I change my avatar/pfp?

    There are two ways to accomplish this!
    1. From anywhere on the board.

    2. On your profile page.

    michiGO _ GOLDENOONA - Google Chrome 10_1_2020 11_52_03 AM (2)_LI.jpg

    This Theme is too harsh on my eyes! Can you make it darker??

    You can toggle between dark/light themes!

    The button is located on the navigation bar.


    How do I edit my posts? What do all these buttons do?

    Here's an overview of what each editor button does!

    Edoitor Guide-01.png

    Note: The 'Insert Groups' Button works like this


    When you put the group number after the '=' sign, it provides a link to the group

    View group 1

    How Do I put a Picture Behind my Avatar?
    That is called a postbit cover, and you can edit it in you account details.


    The Thread is really small and squished! How can I fix that??
    You can collpase the side bar on any page of the forum with the three dots at the top of the nav bar.

    Collapsing the side bar will fix the issue making group threads squished and small.

    Sidebar Toggle.gif

    How do I get awards under my avatar?

    Head over to the Awards tab!

    Once there you can request any group or idol claim that is available. (Groups will always be available to request, some idol claims are exclusive)

    michiGO _ GOLDENOONA - Google Chrome 10_1_2020 12_06_54 PM (2)_LI.jpg

    If a group or Idol you want is not on the list you can request them to be added in the
    Awards Request Thread

    I want to change the order of the awards, can I do that?
    You can!

    Go to your profile page. Once there go to the awards tab.
    michiGO _ GOLDENOONA - Google Chrome 10_1_2020 12_12_01 PM (2).png

    Then press the feature button, by default you can feature up to 8 awards. Use the bars to drag the order or press the arrows to unfeature the award.

    michiGO _ GOLDENOONA - Google Chrome 10_1_2020 12_12_28 PM.png
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