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    Jul 22, 2020
    General Forum Use

    ONE Have any questions about the forum in general or any suggestion to improve it? Then make sure to put those in the Member Questions and Feedback sub forums of The Board section. In this place we will make announcements and future updates of the forum too so don’t forget to always keep an eye on this section.

    TWO You can also talk about anything you want in the General board. And if you have something going on in your life that it’s bothering you let it out in the Rant sub forum, just a heads up though, nothing posted in this section can be used against the users in other sub forums or threads otherwise you will get a warning, remember that is a space where everyone can go off about their problems without judgment.​

    THREE You are free to post anything related to Asian entertainment in their specific sections, this make the forum more organized. If you want to discuss any topics that don't relate to Asian culture or entertainment there’s a General and Non Asian Entertainment sections where you can talk about whatever you want and other entertainment industries. If there's any topic that doesn’t fit into any other forum section, again, the general section is your friend. There's also a General Asian Culture board where you can post about social issues related to Asia and have discussions about the different Asian cultures.​

    FOUR The Fun Zone:This is where we keep all the games and naughty discussions as well as the residing place of the sister wives club. Please keep in mind that there’s +18 and +21 sections. Post in the zone that correspond to your age group so everyone can have fun in their own space with minds alike.
    The Court Room’s purpose is to gather any type of tension or drama between users without disrupting the flow of the other boards. If you have a problem with somebody this is your place to be, don’t be a punk and deal with it.​


    Abusive Behaviour

    This include attacks to other users and staff members. Excessive Insults, bullying and discouragement from using the forum will guarantee a warning or an account termination depending on the situation. Malicious threads and rants about other users are not tolerated. Be kind to each other.​

    Antagonizing Staff

    If you have concerns or questions ask them in a civil matter. Attacks and personal insults to the staff won't be tolerated.​


    Accidental double posting is acceptable but any type of quickly consecutive posting is not allowed, try to keep your thoughts in one post or two. Content creation within 1 hour apart isn’t considered spam.​

    Pornography and Gore

    Images that showcase excessive violence, abuse or something that encourages it will get you a warning. Same with pornography, as long as it isn’t overly obscene or depicts an underage person in a sexual manner you will be fine.​

    Hate Speech

    This is a forum created and populated by mostly black women and it serves as a safe space for us, so any type of racial slurs or anti-blackness will get your account terminated immediately. Same goes for any type of homophobic or transphobic rants. Let's keep this space hatred free. No white tears are allowed, go cry somewhere else and take the reverse racism ideology with you.​


    We know this kind very well, the "oppa didn't mean it" crew. If you came here to blindly stan someone then this is not the place for you. This behaviour will be rightfully call out everytime it happens.​
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