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The Official PLT Thread


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PLT Update:


Moti was live earlier and showed on his stories that he has been mixing and master the music for his Win some lose some album y'all. Can't wait to hear it!


It looks like there are 12 tracks, but only 8 of those tracks are at the final touches.


Gaho has new music out! new track Home. His voice is really pretty as always.




and he is featured on Jian's new song



Him and his band are still working on OST, here's the latest one


Jinwoo has been out here enjoying his life and plt fans gushing over him and his gf and has worked on the Victon song-keep reading with June.




June has been silent about any new upcoming solo releasing projects, but he has been working. He helped compose one a new Victon songs along with Jinwoo last month.


I don't follow Victon, but i do follow my boo Seungwoo and he wrote lyrics for this one too. ♥️


Jinwoo and Seungwoo wrote the lyrics (along with the group's rapper and some other producer), and Jinwoo and June took part in the composition of the song.



If you were on any of villains socials, he not on there no more lol. he deleted all his posts.

I'm not sure why yet, but he went live with JRE I think about a day or two ago and a bitch missed it. I'm still kicking myself over it. because when i hopped on i got the live ended message ? and I saw JRE face there too, so they must have been having a convo, but villain is alive and hopefully healthy lol this is not the first time he has done this.


also noticed Leenzy did updated verisons of some of her songs. Her updated song peter pan has a different vibe to me than the other one and I'm liking it


I like Leenzy I love the tone of her voice, and i hope she brings new music soon.

I've been meaning to sit down and listen to GAHO new music..its been all over my Youtube rec.


Thanks for all the updates lol

[JUSTIFY] 78d4ece9bff423896f92009e82d89594fbcebcd6.gifv[/JUSTIFY]

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Moti Highlight before the album drop


I've been on a heavy Moti rotation cause I'm wanting for the album drop so imma put some Moti singles and features here:


One of my top favs is Waves




Listen to the realness that is Debt before it get erased- a villain and Moti production ?




Then there's wish, another fav, and of course villain is in vox in the back sends me



Another fav, Work n Rest


Free the mind




Cliché is a whole vibe




his newest one is location, not sure if this is gonna be on the album but i like it




Last, but not least...Of course I have to put Boa on here. That's my shit. My fav Moti song ?️???️




he had another demo on soundcloud that i put on here a few months ago and that one was dope. my guess is its gonna go on the album cause I cant find it anymore.


For fav the features and remixes

Recuse Squad Remix Villain and Moti ?



this one 술래 ?



This song was my fav on that album, and Moti on this track it all the better, the song is just dope


I know this is one jinwoo's album and they all so great, but June and Moti on this one was the highlight. Moti in a suit looks good.



My fav live performances:

Obvi a crowd fav


um... can I just say villain looking fine.... damn lol



Moti is just sooo dope and he has this thing about him, it's authentic and real, but chill and low key. I don't know how to explain it, I guess its like a focus or self focus, I respect that a lot. a humbleness. ❤️





I can't wait for the next album. ?


and a PLT playlist was added to the Kozypop youtube


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New feature from Jinwoo ????️?




It's only on naver for now, but hopefully it will be released on spotify or youtube soon.

He sounds sooo good. damn.

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PLT update:




Will be having a mini concert and talk, and questions are being taken now. It is sounds like it is going to be really personal and about his story. ?






Jinwoo has new live performance of his song Aria




Here is the full version of the feature from last week. It is now on Spotify and I been vibing to it. It’s been added to my playlist.






Has added some stripped acoustics of A Day of Weather and Autumn Leaves to his SoundCloud. Both sounds really good. This version of A Day of Weather has been on repeat. Didn’t know I needed this. June his voice on that one is mesmerizing.










Last week on IG Villain shared through his stories that he was recording, so I’m gonna assume he is working on new music. I’m hoping for a something to released soon. ?






Moti’s new album Win some Lose Some finally has a release date April 4 6 PM KST


He has been active on IG and looks good y'all.



I can’t wait for this! I feel like I've been waiting forever :daww:

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??? New villain feature coming soon! It with a artist I haven’t heard of before, but I hope they both go awf! ? ?



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Moti’s album is here and it is sound good!





Order of the ones I like from most to least: Should I, Ash, Die, Stick To, Déjà Vu, Loner, Trauma, Whenever


Title tracks


Ash feat. Gaho



Whenever feat. Camo


I do wish there was less autotuned, but I like the album overall. ?

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June is live on IG (@june.gif_)




and he is listening to


my fav off the new Moti album ?





My fav off the new jinwoo album ?


He is brainstorming June fandom name


Now he's singing Letter, his voice is just bliss


he is singing all his jams. his voice, I just can't- :daww:

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Posted (edited)

I've been watching Villain and Gaho go back and forth few days ago on their IG stories and they are so cute. Making me miss their collabs. I need the dynamic duo making music together again. :daww:



Gaho has a new single coming "Rush Hour"

2021. 05. 24 6 PM KST


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Late af, but gonna post Villain’s latest feature and Gaho’s song Rush Hour



Ivee-Fallen Angels (feat. Villain)




The song is not really my taste, but of course I think villain sounds good on this lol. Anyways, I skipped on over to his part.



Gaho- Rush Hour



I don’t care for the music video, but I loved that June was in the video playing the drums and drum machine! Gaho sounds really good. I like the song ?

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HBD Jinwoo ????



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HBD Jinwoo ????



awww @ Jinwoo and June celebrating his birthday with cake. They are adorable. and he looks so happy ???


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