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Graphics/Mod Team Application


Hiya! I'm currently looking for one or two members to create a graphics and moderation team. I've been doing everything myself for now but it's beginning to get a bit too much for little old me so I'd welcome some help!


If you're interested please read the information below.



Requirements before writing your Application


- You have to be experienced in graphic design. (if applicable)

- You have to use an editing software (preferably Photoshop/Illustrator)

- You should be able to handle/give feedback in a respectful way

- You have to use discord in order to communicate with other staff members



Your Application


Being creative is very important to creating graphics, so I won't give you any rules or mandatory statements for your application.


Here are some guiding questions, for your application:


- Why do you want to become a member of the graphics team?

- Why do you want to become a member of the mod team?

- What is your experience with graphic design?

- How much time can you realistically invest?

- Which editing software are you most familiar with?

- How do you handle and give feedback?



Once you're done with writing your application, I'd like for you to add at least 2 of your previous creations to the application if your applying for the graphics team.




16th of October 2020



Your application should be pmed to me: [uSER=1]@michiGO[/uSER]



Explanation of Each Role:



Responsible for moderating the forum & responsible for warning members. Their main mission is to keep the forum a happy and a safe place and to sweep off negativity in an instant. They might edit your post if needed, and they might move or lock your thread if you misbehave. They are also extremely kind people and do not hesitate to contact them in case you need something from them.



Noticed all those beautiful pics and graphics that surround you? That's the work of these people. They make sure our forum is pleasing to your eyes.


Feel free to ask any questions below! [uSERGROUP=2]@Members[/uSERGROUP]

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