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Michigo shut down registrations we have been infiltrated - they did a yahoo story on golden noona and LSA

This is old. I went to k building for fanmeet. At the end of the day an unnie asked me to be a coverup for my fav boy group at the time. She said they didn’t have any money in the budget to hire a female celeb.
aww the candid appreciation is sweet. sometimes you just gotta let people know you appreciate them. 🥰
Awww, Seungwoo tearful enlistment announcement was touching. At least he will release music before he goes!!! Gonna miss his joyful IG lives and smiles! :daww:

All my faves are going live at the same time got me bouncing around like :eyes:

moti was live earlier

woodz is live basically giving a concert. I was jamming.

haeil chilling out

and Seungwoo... lmao 🤣 must of had 10 cups of coffee or more because he is just a big dose of happiness and excitement 😂 omg i hope someone is getting this.